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Real-time scanning Tools

Tool Name
What It Does

Accepted Locations

Allows you to add areas that you do not wish to include in Realtime location scanning

You don’t want to keep being alerted to logins from your trusted locations. Most cyber attacks happen from suspicious locations. Monitor exactly what you need

Internal Spoofing exceptions

Prevent the warning banner being added to email messages if they are wrongly identified as spoofing an internal user / domain

Make sure that you know if messages are spoofed – at a glance. Keeps your business safer

Approve/remove forwarders

Allows you to approve/remove external forwarders that were detected by the live system

Quickly spot any forwarders placed on accounts and rapidly approve or remove them, leaving nothing to chance

Add exception for inbox rule blocker

If you have enabled inbox rule blocker, use when you need legitimate rules to function

Make sure risky inbox rules aren’t posing a threat. Only let the ones through that you know are 100% legit

Approve Admins

Used to approve admins that are detected

Admin access is the golden ticket for cybercriminals. Never miss when new ones are created/changed

Auto Enable MFA – exceptions

If using auto enable MFA services, you can choose accounts that you do not want MFA on

Ensure MFA is consistently applied across all tenants and only removed where you have explicitly chosen

Azure App Monitor

Detect Azure applications and stop alerts for any that are legit

Azure apps are a key way cybercriminals can gain access to systems. Lets you keep on top of this risk

Schedule Transport Rules

Allows you to turn transport rules on and off on schedule

If you only need a transport rule applying at certain dates and times – either as one-off, repeating, etc

Tenant Access Warnings

Checks daily for any tenant in your partner centre it cannot access and sends alert. Also allows you to exclude tenants from monitoring if required

You need to know if a tenant isn’t being accessed so you can do something about it. Also need to be able to proactively exclude some

License Monitoring Exclusions

By default system monitors and notifies for all tenants in your partner portal. Also, give option to exclude any tenants you don’t want to monitor

Allows you to keep on top of license changes and spot if any have been added that shouldn’t have been 

Force Logout on Schedule

Predefine a schedule when you want to force a user or the entire tenant to logout from all devices

Could be implemented at business downtimes/ major holiday shutdowns. Removes cyber threat

Mailbox Monitor

Specify which mailboxes should be monitored for delegated permissions and also approve/remove detected delegates

Know rapidly if any permissions are added to key mailboxes and rectify just as quickly

Approve/Remove Transport Rules

Approve or remove transport rules that are detected by your MSP Easy Tools instance

Rapidly fix what could be a cyber threat

Approve Groups

Use to approve any group that MSP Easy Tools has detected and alerted on

Have only groups that should be there, leaving nothing to chance

Sharing Alerts

Once alerted to a detected sharing operation, simply rectify and use this tool to stop any more alerts on this particular one

Ensures you deal with all sharing operations in a timely manner and know what is going on

Working Hours

Control the schedule for working hours. Enable and disable accounts across week and also within global setting

Security of accounts is massively improved if it can be disabled during inactive periods

External Sender Warning Exceptions

Allows warnings to be splashed on emails that are from external senders. Also allows you to select accounts you do not want this applied to

Be clear on any emails that are from external users.

Mass Deletion Alert

Be aware if any mass deletions/changes or moves are made in SharePoint data. Customisable to numbers to measure

Make sure you know rapidly if any SharePoint data is moved, renamed (which could be done with Ransomware attacks) and deleted in large quantities.


System configuration

What it does

Self-service tool

Main control centre for real-time scanning and  turn on/off functions on your clients’ tenants

Customise alerts

Change the wording of default alerts to whatever you want

Alert specific emails

Add additional recipients to specific alerts – define who gets what alerts if needed

Alert sending account

Send from your own email system rather than the default [email protected]

Set Launcher Permissions

Grant/restrict access to MSP Easy Tools on a per technician basis


What it does

Admin Tracker

Allows you to scan and keep track of administrators, and their MFA status, across both yours and all your partner tenants

External Forwarding Checker

Scans for all types of forwarders that can send mail externally, including standard mailbox forwarding, inbox rules and exchange transport rules. Produces colour coded report listing all details

Licence Tracker

Scans the selected portal for all license allocations on any one of your customer partner portals

Sharing Tracker

Monitors changes in all sharing operations and presents in report. Potentially dangerous shares highlighted

Security Report

Comprehensively scans the selected Office portal and produces an interactive searchable report – invaluable for identifying security weaknesses in Office 365 and assists in ensuring full GDPR compliancy

Login Tracker

Scans M365 tenants for logins and login attempts that are recorded in the Unified Audit log. Presented in clear, user-friendly format. Check for logins: successful, Mailbox, Teams sessions started and failed

Sites and Subsites

Quickly find all sites and subsites in a tenant

Site Permission Report

Gives a full list of all unique permissions in a SharePoint or subsite, Warns on any that should be investigated for potential security issues

Mailbox size Report

Detailed information about usage of mailboxes within tenant: archive status, item count, total size, deleted item count, deleted item size, quota and used quota. Fully colour coded, searchable and sortable

All Mailbox Folder Permissions

Shows granted permissions on all folders and subfolders within all users' mailboxes in a tenant

SharePoint and OneDrive Size

Overview of usage size and file count for OneDrive and SharePoint sites. Detailed break down for each individual site and OneDrive

Other Useful Tools


Any tenant info finder

Enter email address and find Tenant ID and registered Company Name

Admin roles/user blocker

Rapidly view and change admin roles per user, including block and forced logout

Add to Safe Senders

Add domains to Safe Senders to ALL your customers – make sure your emails arrive in their inbox, not the Junk Folder

Email Redirector

Add/remove redirected emails to any email address, based on string matching -

MFA Tool

Enable, disable, force user to re-enter contact methods, enforce a particular MFA method

Partner Tenant Names

Quickly find tenant name and ID from one of your Partners

UAL Enabler

Directs you to enable the Unified Audit Log

MSPET Activation

Check MSPET activation status and activate if required.  Also check MSPET and MGGraph scope access to your Partner Tenants


Find out who did what and when – everything is logged for 90 days

PowerShell Connect

Run your own PowerShell scripts on not just one tenant but ALL your tenants – include or exclude as required

Close Launcher on lock

For security you can disable/enable MSPET on desktop lock

Onboarding Tool

Use when onboarding a new tenant – identify tenant wide settings and common policies. Create/Set security and setting templates.  Tenant checked against template daily, you are alerted if anything changes.

MicroMonty – 1st line Engineers doing 3rd line jobs at the click of a button.

Mailbox Tools


Set/Check Mailbox permissions

Grant full access, send as, send on behalf of and map automatically to Outlook – per user basis

Add/Remove Permissions on all mailboxes

Grant full access, send as, send on behalf of and map automatically to Outlook – all users basis

Check all permissions for a user

View all the permissions on a per user basis

Check permissions on all mailboxes

View all permissions for all user mailboxes


Easily block or whitelist emails, domains and ip addresses

Enable/disable focused inbox for a user

Quickly enable/disable focused inbox per user

Enable/disable/check focused inbox for all users

Rapidly change focused inbox for all users in an organisation

Set forwarding for a mailbox

Set/remove forwarding, keep copy in source

Check forwarding on all mailboxes

See all forwarders set for a tenant, including external forwarders

Remove all external forwarding on all emails

One click – remove ALL forwarders from a tenant

Email aliases

Create/delete aliases and give ability to send as alias

Check/Enable/Disable/Remove transport rules

Remove/disable/enable transport rules

Check/Enable/Disable/Remove inbox rules

Total control of inbox rules – per user basis

Out of Office Replies

Rapidly change out of office replies both per user basis and ALL mailboxes with one click

Regional Configuration

Change language and default timezone – per user and ALL users

Hide/Show in Global Address List (GAL)

Hide mailboxes from GAL

Mailbox Folder Statistics

Analyse folder sizes in user mailboxes

Message Size limits

Apply message size limits on per user basis

Junk Filter

Enable/Disable filtering and add safe senders

Mailbox Archives

Enable/Force archiving to start – activate auto expanding archive to tenant

Find Alias

Quickly find who an alias is associated with

Calendar Tools  


Set/Check permissions on a calendar

Delegate access to specific user for a user calendar with all permission levels available

Set/Check Permissions on all calendars

Delegate access to ALL users for a user calendar with all permission levels available

Set/Check ‘Default’ permissions on all calendars

Change default permissions on ALL calendars – single click

Security/Admin Tools


Create User Accounts

Create new users account, set password, location and assign license or create without license – Can also create in bulk

Password Tools

Reset, force change on next login, set to never expire, follow organisation policy, check expiry

Organisation Password Policy

Create organisational password policy

Multi Factor Authentication Tool

Enable, disable, force user to re-enter contact methods, enforce a particular MFA method

Block/unblock a user from signing in

Block a user or ALL users from signing in

Force logout from Office 365

Force a user or ALL users to sign out of Office 365

Assign Admin Roles

Rapidly view and change admin roles per user

Delete/Restore Admin Roles

Simply delete or restore accounts – shows recently deleted accounts

Create/Delete Mail Enabled Groups

Quickly create/delete mail enabled groups – define group type, owners and members

Edit Mail Enabled Groups

Edit mail enabled groups – set membership, aliases, send as, send on behalf as, change primary email address, change group name

Shared Mailboxes

Create/delete shared mailboxes and convert between shared and standard mailboxes

Connection Protocols

Set tenant wide default protocols as well as set individual protocols on per user basis

Offboarding Tools

Rapidly off board and end user(s) – delegate OneDrive and to Outlook; remove from groups, hide from GAL, remove licenses, permissions, set litigation hold, create out of office reply

Configure license allocation

Assign/remove licenses – set usage location

Configure user details

Set all user configuration including principal and display name, address, user location, etc


Create/Delete/Manage shared contacts for all users in the tenant

Other Useful Tools


Enable/disable Self Service Software Purchase

Enable/disable the ability for each user to purchase software

Mail Merge Tool

A simple tool that creates mail merge messages including attachments

MicroMonty Logs

Find out who did what and when – everything is logged for 90 days


Quickly see DNS settings for tenants and make recommendations for DKIM and DMARC