The Key Features

MSP Easy Tools exists to fix the problems MSPs experience on a daily basis managing multi-tenants in the Microsoft Partner Portal or by having to use complex PowerShell.

All of the Tools, reports, alerts, modifications are created and developed 100% from our MSP members’ requests. So, we know they are definitely relevant and highly valuable to you.

To give you a taste of some of the key features of the Tools, we have broken it down below into common pains/problems you experience and the fixes we have built to make your life easier, more productive and simultaneously more profitable.

See which ones resonate with you:

24/7/365 monitoring/alerting of all your M365 tenants

The Pains

  • How do I know if cybercriminals are in one of my tenants or even my own?
  • How do I know if something suspicious is going on?
  • How can I monitor all of my tenants all of the time? It’s impossible!
  • How can I monitor and alert on who has access to mailboxes?
  • How do I know if someone has logged in from a strange location?

The Solution

MSP Easy Tools constantly scans for any signs of unusual activity in your Microsoft Partner Portal.

As soon as it detects something that you need to be aware of, it will send an automated email, not only to your helpdesk, but also to your client if you want it to. Basically, you can choose where the email gets sent to.

The big difference between our system and Microsoft is that these emails can never be stopped by cybercriminals, even if they have managed to get a global admin account to your MSP’s tenant.

The other benefit is that we keep sending warning emails every hour until your team fix the problem using the companion tool at their fingertips. This way no warnings can be ‘missed’ in the busy MSP world.

Our warnings should be treated as a smoke alarm. We are very conscious about sending false positives, as we know that too many of these would ultimately mean that engineers would ignore all warnings. If MSP Easy Tools sends a warning, then there is definitely a problem that needs addressing.

Alert messages and recipients can all be set to exactly what you want and in whatever language.

How to standardise security settings for ALL your tenants

The Pains

  • How do I know what I need to set up in M365 to keep my tenants safe and secure?
  • I want all my tenants to have consistent settings and I want it templating.
  • What if someone changes my security settings without me knowing?
  • How can I rapidly apply consistent security across all of my tenants?

The Solution

MSP Easy Tools provides the cumulative knowledge and best practice of all the MSPs that we work with across the world. Running The Security Report will highlight any areas that you need to address. Then using our base configuration templating tool, you can rapidly configure and set the required standards to produce your security template that can be used to gain consistency across all of your tenants. Simple.

Once you have secured a tenant with a template, our system will then monitor daily to ensure that no configuration changes have occurred. If anything is spotted, you’ll be notified so that you can resolve it. 

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Knowing everything is working - Self-healing systems

The Pains

  • How do I know that my security features (global audit log, mail box auditing, MFA …) haven’t been turned off?
  • I need to be able to track something, but I didn’t know the log was turned off. Now I’m stuck.

The Solution

All alerts, rules and configurations are protected and cannot be tampered with/damaged/removed. All self-healing.

As part of the monitoring Tools, MSP Easy Tools checks that all the key logs are enabled. Where we can automatically turn these back on if they aren’t, then it happens. Otherwise, you will be notified so you can fix it rapidly.

Show clients you are in control with user friendly, detailed reports

The Pains

  • I need to show my clients what is going on, but the data is so difficult to get as it’s stored in lots of different places.
  • To get the data, I have to use my 3rd line engineers as it needs PowerShell knowledge to get hold of it.
  • Even when I’ve got the data, there’s way too much and it takes forever to make sense of it.
  • It’s certainly not user-friendly for me or my customers.
    It takes longer than I can possibly charge for to get the data and make it look half-decent.

The Solution

At the click of a button, any member of your team can produce user-friendly yet highly informative, simple to understand, reports on a whole host of M365 features that you and your customers need to be on top of.

Here’s a brief list of some of the key reports built into MSP Easy Tools. These are available in all packages, for all of your tenants, even from Starter package. They can also be run on prospects too to help you win new clients.

  • The Security Report – full detailed report covering all the key aspects, including recommendations on how to secure your tenant. 
    Sharing Tracker – who has shared what, when and to who in SharePoint and OneDrive.
  • Login Tracker – see successful and unsuccessful login attempts.
  • SharePoint Unique Permissions Report – who has access to what in SharePoint.
  • All Mailbox Folder Permissions – detailed analysis and report of who has access to what folders in Exchange.
  • Lots of other reports, including: License Tracker, Admin Tracker, External Forwarding Checker, Mailbox Size Report, SharePoint and OneDrive Size Report. More coming all the time, based on our MSP members’ requests.

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Upskill your workforce

The Pains

  • My 1st line staff don’t know how to use PowerShell and they keep passing jobs up to the next levels.
  • My 1st line staff can’t fix a lot of Microsoft 365 problems.
    It takes a long time to train my 1st line engineers.
  • 3rd line engineers are thin on the ground and expensive.
  • My helpdesk can’t cope with the workload.
  • I have unlimited remote support plans, but they’re taking up so much of my helpdesk time.

The Solution

MicroMonty was built to fix all of these problems and is in all packages for use on all your tenants and with all staff, even from Starter.

This is a graphical user interface for PowerShell that rapidly completes not only complex issues, but also the simple jobs that take forever in the Microsoft Partner Portal. 

1st line engineers will complete even highly complicated jobs faster than your best engineers can even sign into the Microsoft Partner Portal, never mind getting on with the fix.

If you don’t believe us, watch the demo and take the 30 days FREE trial to see for yourself how powerful MicroMonty really is.
Don’t worry, you can decide who has access to MicroMonty and everything is fully logged so you can track down who needs ‘re-educating’.

We have in excess of 200 functions covering over 99% of all the things that your engineers do in day out in the Microsoft Partner Portal AND this is increasing, based on member requests, each month. 

Examples of just a few of the tasks you can do in MicroMonty are:

Offboarding ends users, Set/Check permissions on calendars, Out of Office replies, Blacklist/Whitelist, Create user accounts, Assign admin roles, Configure license allocations, lots, lots more …

Marketing Done For You

The Pains

  • I’m a techie at heart. I’m not into all this marketing stuff.
  • We’ve always got new business from word of mouth, but I need more now.
  • I don’t have time to get this to my clients.
  • I don’t have a marketing department; it’s just me that has to deal with it.
  • How can I earn money from this?

The Solution

We understand your world, having ran an MSP for 25 years (which we sold in January 2022).

We know it’s hard juggling everything, wearing all hats and having to keep up with all the latest marketing techniques too, when it doesn’t even rock your world.

That’s why we give you a dedicated members area, with all of the guidance, training and resources you need to ensure you can not only get the best from selling MSP Easy Tools to your current customers, but can win new ones too. 

Everything is built so that within just a couple of hours, you/your marketing person(s) can be reaping the rewards. 
We include: full how-to sell marketing guides, brochures, letter, email campaigns, articles for social media, videos, etc
More stuff added regularly based on member requests.

All white-labelled and written for USA, UK and Australia.

Time is money! Don't miss out on the opportunity to increase your Monthly Recurring Revenue and reduce your workload.

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We do things differently at MSP Easy Tools

We used to own and run an MSP ourselves – which is why we developed the Tools.
So, we know what the day to day looks like for you: the good and the bad.

  • Fully GDAP compliant
  • FREE one month trial of complete system Office 365 security and compliance dashboard
  • FREE onboarding
  • Single sign-in using your own MS365 credentials. No need to know all tenant details
  • FREE one to one marketing session in trial period to ensure you earn before you pay for MSP security tools
  • No payment until 6 weeks after starting FREE month’s trial for your MSP network security
  • Month-by-month contract. If you’re not happy with your Office 365 security,  you can leave
  • Can be used by all of your staff, even on lowest package
  • Tiered pricing packages, so you can scale as you grow
  • Sensibly priced top package is fully unlimited everything + more
  • Full use of MicroMonty productivity tools in all packages
  • Unlimited use of  Office 365 reporting and prospecting tools in all packages
  • Easy by name, easy by nature. You’ll be fully using the Office 365 security and compliance dashboard system within a few hours. No long training period

We’ve designed everything to work as simply as possible and our pricing matches this too.