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MSPs do you need to rapidly spot, alert and fix Microsoft 365 security holes,  even the ones you don’t know about?

That’s exactly what our MSP Security Tools deliver AND much more.

100% confidence no hidden cybercriminals in your clients' M365 tenants PLUS a faster helpdesk system, consistent M365 security setup. Giving you happier customers, more Monthly Recurring Revenue AND you sleep better at night.

"The Tools were originally created to fix problems I was experiencing in my MSP."

Andrew Eardley - Former MSP Owner of Prompt PC Ltd, UK


How your MSP can get:

    You can do all of these, easily!

Everyone seems to declare that they are award winning today, but when you actually look into it most of these awards mean nothing.
We are really proud of ours though because they have been voted for by MSPs just like you, so we know they matter.

Let's delve a bit deeper...

What would happen to your business if your customers’ M365 accounts were hacked?

The system was originally built to ensure this wouldn’t happen. Our MSP monitoring tools constantly scan for any signs of unusual activity in the M365 platform. The big difference between us and Microsoft security systems, is that even if cybercriminals get into your Microsoft partner portal with a global admin account, our warnings cannot be stopped AND they can be delivered to any email address you want.

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3rd line engineers are hard to find and expensive. Rapidly turn your 1st line staff into M365 gurus.

With our toolkit, your 1st line staff can fix complex issues in just a few clicks, with very little training. Solve issues quickly, reduce downtime and improve customer satisfaction. Give your 1st line staff the right tools and cyber security dashboard to improve the overall efficiency of your support team.

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Minimal Effort with Maximum Monthly Recurring Revenue

You can achieve sustained MRR growth by selling real-time automated Microsoft Office 365 security monitoring, alerting and reporting Tools,  including Office 365 threat monitoring, that your customers not only NEED but LOVE.

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Know that all your M365 tenants are set up correctly and remain that way

Keeping your M365 tenants secure and consistent can be a challenge. Office 365 management for MSP:  With MSP Easy Tools, you can ensure all your tenant default settings, security functions, and protocols are the same across all your tenants, in less than 1 minute per tenant. Plus, our MSP monitoring tools will check daily to ensure nothing has changed, providing an added layer of protection.

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What to expect…

We know that taking on new software can be daunting. Here’s a quick video to show you how simple and quick the journey actually is with MSP Easy Tools.

When you come onboard

From day one, even during your FREE 1 month trial, you'll get:

24/7/365 monitoring/alerting of all your M365 tenants

The MSP monitoring tools let you know as soon as anything suspicious is detected.  Fixed before any damage can be done.

How to standardise security setting for ALL your tenants

Templates ensure all tenants are configured correctly  and the same, including Office 365 security monitoring.  You can build as many templates as you wish and apply within seconds.

Knowing everything is working - Self-healing systems

Never worry that something has gone wrong - we constantly monitor not only your tenants but also the full MSP Easy Tools system and our AI fixes any issues before they become a problem.

Show clients you are in control with user friendly, detailed reports

Gain full insight into everything your clients need to know about their M365 tenants by simply clicking a button - security, sharing operations, location tracking, SharePoint permissions... Our Microsoft SharePoint monitoring features ensures comprehensive coverage.

How to speed up your helpdesk

Turn your lowest skilled engineers into rapid responders of complex M365 problems with click of a button tools. Delight your customers in the process.

Save hours of admin work 

Lots of tools to dramatically cut down wasted time on admin tasks; with the worst being keeping up with billing  license usage each month.  Don't spend a day checking your CSP invoice, just look at the ones that have made changes - your admin staff will love this.

Gain valuable door-opening prospecting tools

You can use the Tools to win new customers by running detailed Security Reports that reveal if their current IT support company has set up their Microsoft 365 systems correctly. You will definitely find areas of concern. The Report will even tell you how to fix them, using the Tools. Be the hero.

Done-For-You marketing assistance

A dedicated members area showing you how to price the tools, upsell your current customers, win new ones and deal with the difficult customer objections. We’ll even give you all the done for you resources so you can just get on with increasing your monthly recurring revenue.

A meeting place for MSPs to air their problems

A forum where you can request and vote on new tools/developments you would like to see in the Tools. See what other MSPs across the world have requested. The more votes, the more chance it will turn into a real Tool in one of the monthly releases.

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clear, no-nonsense, totally unlimited

Join the MSP Revolution

How Our Solutions Can Help You Succeed.

We've been there, done that, and developed the tools, including the cyber security dashboard, to help you succeed. Our experience in the MSP world has led us to develop solutions that are used by MSPs around the world. Our community of MSPs helps us stay on top of emerging trends and needs, ensuring that we're always providing the best solutions, including MSP security tools,  to help you achieve your goals.


  • You will be fully using the system within a couple of hours.
  • Easy by name, easy by nature. No complex learning.
  • Earn far more in terms of MRR and time saving than you have to pay.
  • Full FREE 1 month unconditional trial of complete system.
  • Easy to sell, even if you aren’t a salesman. Proven strategy.
  • Month-by-month contract, so never tied in.

Ready to see what all the buzz is about?
Try it today and discover why it's the perfect fit for your MSP

Get FREE 1 month trial 
clear, no-nonsense, totally unlimited

We do things differently at MSP Easy Tools

We used to own and run an MSP ourselves – which is why we developed the Tools.
So, we know what the day to day looks like for you: the good and the bad.

  • Fully GDAP compliant
  • FREE one month trial of complete system Office 365 security and compliance dashboard
  • FREE onboarding
  • Single sign-in using your own MS365 credentials. No need to know all tenant details
  • FREE one to one marketing session in trial period to ensure you earn before you pay for MSP security tools
  • No payment until 6 weeks after starting FREE month’s trial for your MSP network security
  • Month-by-month contract. If you’re not happy with your Office 365 security,  you can leave
  • Can be used by all of your staff, even on lowest package
  • Tiered pricing packages, so you can scale as you grow
  • Sensibly priced top package is fully unlimited everything + more
  • Full use of MicroMonty productivity tools in all packages
  • Unlimited use of  Office 365 reporting and prospecting tools in all packages
  • Easy by name, easy by nature. You’ll be fully using the Office 365 security and compliance dashboard system within a few hours. No long training period

We’ve designed everything to work as simply as possible and our pricing matches this too.