Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about MSP Easy Tools? Check out our frequently asked questions and answers:

What do I get with MSP Easy Tools?

You get a whole host of security and productivity Tools for use with Microsoft 365 – too many to list and more added each month based on our MSP forum requests.

You get:

  • Tools that provide automated security alerts, blocking Microsoft 365 weak points – predominantly end users.
  • Full reporting Tools for all of your tenants
  • Full kit of Tools for fixing problems found and for solving everyday and complex M365 helpdesk issues.
  • Template system for rapid application of security settings to tenants
  • Full prospecting Tools to make winning new customers so much easier
  • Full access to MSP forum to vote on new features and requests that are released each month
  • Full access to tried and proven marketing forum with all done-for-you resources
  • Much more …

What do I have to do? Is it difficult to learn?

You don’t have to do much at all. Minimum effort, maximum results!

MSP Easy Tools uses a bespoke launcher to access a suite of self-service tools.

You manage everything yourself: add/remove a customer for scanning, add/remove services for customers. 

It’s all in your hands, which is exactly the way it should be. AND, it’s really simple to manage with just a click of a button.

What’s more, you can do things in your time when you want/need to – even if that’s the middle of the night. Whatever works for you – you won’t have to wait around for us to activate something for you!

Can I make money from this?

Absolutely you can.

We have MSPs around the world making significant amounts of monthly recurring revenue from the sale of these Tools.

Just look at the Pricing section of the website to put in your own details and see how much you can earn.

We’ll even give the simple methods to do this AND all of the resources, so you can start earning even in your FREE trial period.

Do I have to sign a long contract?

Absolutely not. You are not tied into any long contracts. You will be charged month-by-month, just giving one month’s notice to cancel. There are no nasty year-long (or more!) contracts to tie you in. 

If you’re not happy, you leave. BUT with extremely high MSP retention, we know we’re doing something right, so hopefully you’ll choose to hang around.  

Do your products only work with Microsoft 365?

Yes, they are specifically designed to work with Microsoft Office 365 solutions. We pride ourselves on being gurus in this area.

Don’t worry if you don’t have many customers at the moment because we can show you how to win more with the prospecting Tools.

Also, if you’re an MSP using M365 yourself, these tools are invaluable to you. Who do you think the cybercriminals would like to get their hands on most? Yes, that’s right: with access to an MSP, they could have a field day. Make sure your own systems are safely monitored so you can keep your customers’ details safe. Give yourself peace of mind and tick those necessary security boxes.

Doesn�t Microsoft already offer these services?

Microsoft does offer a very limited version of some aspects, but most require a high-level licence too. Not with MSP Easy Tools!

Also, any warnings that Microsoft send out can be easily deactivated should a cybercriminal get into the account. Our system’s alerts cannot be deactivated, as they’re not stored in your portal. Systems can also be set to detect and block suspicious activity, so cybercriminals can’t gain entry.

MicroMonty, our productivity Tool is not offered by Microsoft. This allows you/your team, even first-line engineers,  to fix everyday and complex third-line problems in seconds, at the click of a button.

Full reporting of M365, including SharePoint, activity is also part of the MSP Easy Tools system as well as the ability to create security templates to rapidly apply to your customers.

Do you need access to my Microsoft 365 portal passwords? Or customers� portals?

MSP Easy Tools utilises a bespoke launcher to access a suite of self-service tools.

You manage everything yourself: add/remove a customer for scanning, add/remove services for customers. It’s all in your hands, which is exactly the way it should be. And, it’s all really simple to manage with just a click of a button.

We never need to see your customers – that’s your business, not ours. Also, you can do things in your time when you want/need to. You won’t have to wait around for us to activate something for you.

Can I white-label this?


All alerting messages and reports can be white-labelled.

Option to white-label launcher too.

Can my customers buy direct from MSP Easy Tools?

No, we resell through MSPs. We will not be selling MSP Easy Tools to end users, so you don’t need to worry that they’ll be coming to us and undercutting prices. It’s your price that counts.

Also, because they’re one of your Microsoft 365 customers, no other MSP can come in and steal your pricing on this. So, it’s a product that helps to buy customer loyalty and retention.

Is there a limit to the number of customers I can have on this service?

No, as long as they are using M365, you can use the MSP Easy Tools products.

Our Starter package covers yourself and up to two tenants for automated alerts, but includes all of your tenants for the on-demand security reports.

You can just move up tenant by tenant after that as you need to, until it becomes more cost-effective to be on our Professional package, giving you 20 tenants for automated alerting or real-time monitoring.

Does the system work with GDAP?


All fully working and ready to go with GDAP.

Do you have any marketing material to help us to sell to our customers?

Of course!

You’re not alone. We have a dedicated marketing area of the members area of our website.

Here you can find tried and proven lessons for winning new business, selling to current customers, dealing with the difficult customers …

We also give you all the white-label done-for-you resources. All included in even Starter package. New resources regularly added.

Can I demo the system?

Yes, just click the button to book a demo today.

Remember, you also get a 1 month’s FREE trial.

What happens if I take a demo and don�t want to continue?

Simple, if you decide it’s not for you, just send an email to [email protected] before the end of your trial period and everything will be cancelled before you ever need to pay a penny, nickel, dime …

How do I make payment?

By GoCardless direct debit, which is a secure worldwide platform for taking payment. You’ll be covered by a full direct debit guarantee. The payment will be drawn two weeks after you receive your invoice.

Does this guarantee that my customers won�t ever get hacked?

Though we’d love to say that, as sensible MSPs, we all know this is a very bold claim.

In some cases, yes, cybercriminals will be blocked entry to systems, BUT in all cases you will be notified rapidly of any suspicious activity before any serious damage can be done.

You/your customers are showing ‘due care’ which is exactly what is called for in UK GDPR regulations.

I suppose it’s like taking car insurance, it doesn’t mean you’ll never have an accident, but it certainly keeps you covered legally and softens the aftermath if you do suffer an incident.

Do my customers need this as I�ve set their accounts up with multi-factor authentication?

MFA as it’s more commonly known is an authentication method where access to systems is granted only after presenting two or more pieces of evidence that you are who you say you are. The problem with this is that it can give a false sense of security, as outlined:

  • Sometimes this authentication goes to an email and obviously if someone has breached your system, this won’t be very effective
  • Receiving a code through a text message to your mobile phone can still be compromised. Cybercriminals socially engineer the mobile phone companies into allowing them to clone a victim’s SIM card, so they then receive a copy of any messages sent to it.
  • Some hackers even contact mobile phone customers directly and claim they need an MFA code in order to verify the customer’s identity. 
  • Even if you use an authenticator app, there is still a window of opportunity for hackers to steal this. Do you know if your customers are unknowingly using, for example, coffee shop rogue internet access?
  • Hackers also impersonate websites and get users to enter their MFA credentials in order to take over their account.
  • We are all bombarded with messages every day of our lives. End users bombarded with MFA requests, may just accept a rogue one. How would anyone know?

Bottom line: MFA is much better than just a password, but it is definitely not unbreakable.

Does MSP Easy Tools fix problems too?

Yes, it certainly does.

It has a complete suite of Tools wrapped up in the guise of MicroMonty.

These allow first-line engineers to rapidly solve third-line jobs in seconds. Complex and everyday M365 helpdesk problems.

This really speeds up your helpdesk to wow your customers.

Does it cover SharePoint?

Yes, it certainly does.

It can show SharePoint permissions and who has shared what with who and when.

Just make sure the audit log is turned on and this is at your fingertips.

Do I get charged extra per engineer?

No, you certainly don’t. We used to run an MSP ourselves (before we sold in January 2022), and this was one of our bugbears.

You can add as many of your team as users of the system and it won’t cost you a penny more, even on the Starter Package. Guaranteed!

Can I add different levels of permissions for my team?

Yes, you certainly can.

Make sure those engineers or team members only get to see what you want them to see – including customers and services.

For example if you don’t want your admin team or apprentices having access to MicroMonty (the fixing toolkit), don’t grant them access. You can delegate access permission levels really easily yourself.

Is it trackable?

Yes, of course – every single action performed is logged and it can’t be deleted, so you will know who has done what at all times.

What is the roadmap?

The roadmap is dictated by our MSP members worldwide. These brilliant MSP subscribers leave suggestions in our forum on the Tools they would like to see come to fruition.

Other MSPs vote on the ones they like the most. The one that gets the most votes gets developed.

With upgrades and new Tools being released every month, you can rest assured the product really keeps up with what’s relevant to you and your customers’ M365 right now.

Is it hard to set up? Does it take a long time too?

No, we’ve made it as simple as possible.

There are really easy to follow videos, or instruction pdfs or a free full onboarding if you want.

Seriously, within an hour, you can be up and using the Tools. Promise!

How is it secured?

The system uses Microsoft Azure Principles in your Azure AD to access the information it needs from your tenant, and partner centre. This is granted when you complete initial activation.  You grant this with an account in your tenant, that only you have access to, when you activate MSP Easy Tools.  You have full control.  

The system makes direct requests for the information required by the tools only.  It is not possible for it to be used to query your tenant or any of your partner tenants independently.  The MSPET Launcher and standalone tools that control your MSP Easy Tools instance are designed from the ground up to only function with an account in the tenant that the system is activated for.  ONLY YOU CAN ACCESS YOUR MSP EASY TOOLS!  Not even we can access your MSP Easy Tools system as we don’t have an account in your tenant to sign in.

The sign-in to the launcher software uses Microsoft's own sign in system.  We piggyback on Microsoft's system to ensure full compatibility and maximum security with full MFA support.  Your credentials never pass through or are ever stored outside your own office 365 tenant.

To compromise MSP Easy Tools you would first need to compromise your Microsoft 365 tenant and get past all of Microsoft’s security, then compromise an account that can access MSP Easy Tools and have possession of the correct software and access keys, then even if you have all of this you still need to compromise our additional security to gain permission and be able to sign in to MSP Easy Tools itself.  If you trust Microsoft security, this adds to and not detracts from it.  It most certainly does not introduce a weak point.

If anyone attempted to provision a similar system once, you have MSP Easy Tools you would be alerted by MSP easy tools.

The MSP Easy tools system stores no data for yours or any of your partner tenants.  Any information required for reports or alerts is requested in real time by the system, the alert / or report is then generated and sent out.  The data instantly no longer exists in the system.  NOT STORED!

The only information that is kept is your personal configuration for MSP Easy tools.  This is stored in secure encrypted azure storage.  There is nothing in this config data that could be used to identify you or any of your customers.  Tenant IDs (numbers) and not names are used to uniquely identify companies when required and this cannot be used to gain any information about the corresponding company.  The rest of the config is mostly just a lookup table with config preferences.  Completely meaningless to anyone even if they could get to it, which they can’t.

The strength of the system really does lie in the fact that it stores no data.  If you store nothing, there is nothing to lose.

Only minimal configuration is required to setup the system for scanning, all other data is generated when needed, sent straight out and never stored anywhere.

Can you tell me about MSP Easy Tools security

MSP Easy Tools Security Overview

  • Security First: MSP Easy Tools prioritizes security, utilizing Azure service principals within Azure AD for secure access to your information upon initial activation.
  • Control and Access: Activation requires permission from an account within your tenant, ensuring you have complete control. The system is designed to request information specifically for its tools, preventing independent queries to your tenant.
  • Exclusive Access: Only authorized users within your tenant can access MSP Easy Tools. Our team cannot access your system due to lack of tenant account.
  • Microsoft Sign-In: The launcher software utilizes Microsoft's sign-in system, supporting MFA and ensuring your credentials remain within your Office 365 tenant.
  • Data Handling: No data from your or your partner tenants is stored. Information for reports or alerts is generated in real time and not kept in the system. Personal configuration data is securely stored in encrypted Azure storage, containing no identifiable information.
  • Security Measures: To compromise MSP Easy Tools, an attacker would need to bypass multiple layers of security, including Microsoft’s, and possess correct software and access keys.
  • Real-Time Scanning: Each MSP has a dedicated virtual instance in Azure for real-time scanning, with high uptime and self-healing features. External access to these instances is restricted.
  • Configuration and Data Storage: Configurations are stored in encrypted Azure table storage, with backups for data loss prevention. These configurations contain no sensitive information.
  • Minimal Setup Required: System setup is straightforward, with data generated on-demand and never stored.
  • Delegated Admin Access: Access to tenant and partner tenants is securely managed through GDAP or delegated admin access, with MSP Easy Tools enhancing overall security without introducing vulnerabilities.
  • Access Control: The activating account can have a highly secure password and MFA, with no need for shared access post-activation. Direct access to partner tenants can be managed as needed, enhancing security.
  • Global Use and Security Impact: MSP Easy Tools is trusted by hundreds of MSPs worldwide, contributing significantly to preventing security breaches.

Feel free to reach out with specific questions that do not compromise our intellectual property.

We do things differently at MSP Easy Tools

We used to own and run an MSP ourselves – which is why we developed the Tools.
So, we know what the day to day looks like for you: the good and the bad.

  • Fully GDAP compliant
  • FREE one month trial of complete system Office 365 security and compliance dashboard
  • FREE onboarding
  • Single sign-in using your own MS365 credentials. No need to know all tenant details
  • FREE one to one marketing session in trial period to ensure you earn before you pay for MSP security tools
  • No payment until 6 weeks after starting FREE month’s trial for your MSP network security
  • Month-by-month contract. If you’re not happy with your Office 365 security,  you can leave
  • Can be used by all of your staff, even on lowest package
  • Tiered pricing packages, so you can scale as you grow
  • Sensibly priced top package is fully unlimited everything + more
  • Full use of MicroMonty productivity tools in all packages
  • Unlimited use of  Office 365 reporting and prospecting tools in all packages
  • Easy by name, easy by nature. You’ll be fully using the Office 365 security and compliance dashboard system within a few hours. No long training period

We’ve designed everything to work as simply as possible and our pricing matches this too.