Navigating the GDAP Transition: Enhancing Microsoft 365 Security for MSPs

With the advent of Granular Delegated Admin Permission (GDAP), Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are witnessing a major shift in managing the Microsoft Partner Portal. This evolution from Delegated Admin Permission (DAP) brings a promising change to how MSPs handle Microsoft 365 security. But, what exactly is GDAP, and why is it paramount for MSPs in the Microsoft 365 environment? Let's delve in.

Understanding GDAP: The Future of Microsoft Partner Portal

GDAP is a transformational stride in the Microsoft 365 security landscape. It replaces the age-old Delegated Admin Permission (DAP) system, changing the way MSPs engage with the Microsoft Partner Portal. The DAP setup granted MSPs unlimited global admin control, potentially posing a security concern. Recognising this, Microsoft ushered in GDAP - a more secure, customisable system allowing MSPs to determine the level of access they wish to grant, with a maximum time limit of two years.

The Value of GDAP for Microsoft 365 MSPs

The emergence of GDAP has significant repercussions for MSPs working with Microsoft 365. With DAP set to retire in 2023, MSPs must ensure their services integrate seamlessly with GDAP.

GDAP’s flexible approach provides MSPs enhanced control over their security and access permissions. This change paves the way for MSPs to bolster their security, streamline operations, and build a more resilient Microsoft 365 infrastructure.

MSP Easy Tools: Your GDAP-Compatible Partner

At MSP Easy Tools, we are committed to staying ahead of IT support and services trends. To meet the rising demand for GDAP integration, we've ensured all our tools are fully compatible with GDAP.

In a unique approach, MSP Easy Tools does not rely on its apps, which might potentially introduce new security vulnerabilities. Instead, we focus on utilizing Microsoft's own service principles to bolster security, thereby maintaining a secure, reliable, and efficient Microsoft 365 environment.

Wrapping Up

The advent of GDAP signifies a major leap forward for MSPs concerning Microsoft 365 security and control. To stay ahead in this evolving IT landscape, MSPs must ensure their tools and services harmonize with GDAP. As always, MSP Easy Tools stands ready to guide you through these transitions, ensuring you continue delivering exceptional Microsoft 365 services to your clients, equipped with the best security measures.

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